Interview Regarding Technology in School

I got my first phone part way through grade nine, which was later than many of my friends, but was still much earlier than my sister who is ten years older than I am whom of which got hers at 15. I found it very interesting to hear that children as young as kindergarten are coming to school with iPhone 6, 7 and X’s. This interview filled me in on a lot of information regarding technology in the classroom and reminded me that technology is constantly changing and that new platforms are being created every day.

I have provided some of the notes that I took throughout the interview that I found were important, surprising or particularly interesting.

  • Concerns we have in schools “2019 Focus on Networked Citizenship”
    • Digital identity
    • Digital rights
    • Digital literacy
    • Use of communication networks – social, professional, personal
    • Safety – Networked connections
      • Keep your media professional
    • Security of Self
    • Communications in networked spaces
  • Videos of people can legally only be taken in a “public place.” Places such as schools (must be invited as student or embedded person) or Starbucks (“private business”) are not public places
  • Students now send ~8,500 texts per month
  • Is social media worth $1 a day? (This is good to think about when spending time on social media; would I spend $1 a day to use this platform?)
  • What sounds dangerous? (Texting and driving vs drinking and driving) Though a useful tool, technology can be a hazard when used at the wrong time and should be considered when in use
  • Current Social Media Concerns with Kids
    • Students are “getting younger, increased affirmations, feeling special” based off of likes and YouTube influencers
  • “Feeling Special” based off of “Likes” and “Retweets” but also feel bad about themselves if they do not get the likes and followers
  • Social media & Youth
    • Address the existing and emerging social media concerns in your environments with education and media literacy conversations
    • Open constructive solutions-based dialogue with co-workers, stakeholders, clients, employers and public about social media trends and communications concerns
  • Understand the school expectations and policies of the employer
  • The Influences and uses of mobile technology
    • Personal use entitlement
    • Balancing professional expectations
    • Opening dialogue of Usage
    • Understanding social media culture
    • Reflective usage by co-workers
    • Developing empathetic and ethical users
    • The value of information
  • Social Media Used by Educators has Three Potential Critical Audiences
    • Public/parents
    • Staff
    • Students

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