Pacific School of Innovation & Inquiry

The visit to PSII was eye opening to me in regards to how school has changed via the creation and more common use of new technology and technological knowledge. I, myself, am not a skilled technology user and found the student-led inquiry quite inspiring; seeing the students find their passions and guide their own learning driven by that interest was a new and refreshing form of education. Reflecting back on my time in high school, I think that I would have made the most use out of the different musical instruments and recording technology that they had available to the students. The freedom that the students are given over their own learning is a large difference from what I experienced as a grade-school student but I believe that it is a welcome change due to the importance of being engaged and interested in what you are learning in order to retain and understand information. It would be interesting going to a school with such a small amount of students, I was pleasantly surprised to notice such camaraderie and encouragement between the students and their creative minds and projects.

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