Magical Math Blog: Group Tech Inquiry 336

            The blog Musing Mathematically is a useful tool for both teachers and students. Nat Banting (@NatBanting) posts regularly on how to teach math to students in a fun and encouraging way. The blog has an entire tab that provides classroom resources to use in order to teach some of the more difficult topics, explains why they are useful and gives the links resource. I like this blog as it caters to three audiences; parents, students and teachers. Not only does Nat provide resources, explain the difficulties of teaching certain mathematical concepts and teaches the reader how to teach/learn the skills; but they also blog on their home page that documents their experiences as a teacher, how they overcame problems and what they have noticed about other exceptional teachers. Each post on the home blog has a title, gives a small paragraph as to what it will be about and then has a “continue reading” tab if the reader would like to learn more. The fall-down tab allowing the reader to continue is useful for people browsing the blog as they will not have to scroll through extremely long posts in order to see what they are looking for. 

            Musing Mathematically’s main menu consists of Home, Musing Mathematically Blog, Presentations, Publications, Classroom Resources, Math Fair, Links and Contact; this is helpful as it is accessible and easy to understand and move around in. The blog is organized in a way where even those who do not use much technology can easily search the blog and find useful information or resources. 

            I enjoyed this blog as one of the subjects I am anxious to teach and provide tools for is math; this blog can help me in the future if I am ever stuck teaching a topic and need help as to how to address the class’s or students’ needs. I am very happy that I found this blog and believe that it will be very beneficial to me throughout my career. 

I have provided the link to this amazing blog:

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