“Twine” reminded me of the choose your own adventure books that I often saw as a kid. I think that students would love this program as it involves technology as well as creative work and is an interactive activity. More recently, the popular TV show Black Mirrorhas released an interactive “choose your own adventure” film called Bandersnatch.Bandersnatch allowed the viewers to choose what would happen next in the film and would end at different times and give you different choices depending on your previous actions. The film was (and still is) extremely popular and one of the first of its kind in terms of technology and digital streaming platforms. The film also takes into account the difficulty of using a program such as “Twine” due to the fact that you will always need an end to the choices but it can begin to loop and end up without an option. I think that students (especially those in the older grades) would find this program very interesting and would actually enjoy storytelling and writing due to the technological advances and their ability to share it with each other. 

When I started to create my own adventure, I found it frustrating how many options I had to give for such fast results. Using this program would involve multiple classes and a lot of time so that the students would not get discouraged and give up. With only a short amount of time, if the students were to give many options, each one would only lead to one or two more choices afterwards and then quickly end without a result. 

  • Boxes are “passages”
  • Options for the readers to choose
  • Sort of like a choose your own adventure
  • Can go back and change the route
  • Bandersnatch is a example of how Twine works
  • Can be used for guided interviews
  • Use web browser to access Twine. Looks like google doc. 
  • Saves information in cookies in the web browser rather than a source
  • If you suddenly block cookies, it could disappear. When you are done, put it in a file and send it to yourself so you do not lose it when/if you turn off cookies
  • Does not like safari or internet explorer; weird things will start to happen. Use Firefox or Chrome.

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