Tech Inquiry

While reading Isabelle’s post, I was introduced to brand new blogging website, Edutopia, as well as having discovered different uses for blogging in the classroom (Great find Isabelle!). 

I looked around Edutopia and found many interesting blogs that gave a lot of useful information. One blog that I found very interesting was Cindy Bourdo’s blog where she recounted The Biggest Lesson of My First Year Teaching. Bourdo talks about the stress that she experienced and the change in her life once she witnessed an important strategy that other teachers practiced. Cindy said that she spent all of her time writing lesson plans and thinking of new learning and teaching techniques, yet still felt stressed every day and had a difficult time working with the students. Throughout this program we have been taught how to assess, how to write unit plans and different ways to teach certain subjects; all of these are extremely important to know and master, but Cindy points out that the missing part you can never study in university is how to create a welcoming teacher-student relationship with the students and how much that can alter your own and the child’s experience in the classroom. 

Building upon what useful information the blogs on Edutopia provided, the site also gives inspirational and interesting videos on different strategies of teaching and how to help children of diverse needs. This part of the site included videos such as The Sensory Room: Helping Students with Autism Focus and Learn60-Second Strategy: Participation CardsThe Power of Relationships in Schools and so on. What was very helpful on this blog was how these videos were organized; above the title of the video there would be words in bold classifying the video and what it is meant to teach. Titles included “Learning Environments,” “Student voice,” “School Climate,” “Teaching Strategies,” and “School Leadership.” I think that videos can also be a useful tool when blogging but must be managed correctly and, must make sure that each student shown in the video has given consent to have their image taken. 

While making my way through this blog and looking at the different videos, I realized the importance of organization in a classroom blog, hopefully reflecting what my real-life classroom looks like. It gave me some ideas on how to present my classroom by updating it to briefly explain what we worked on that week and what will follow it. I liked that Edutopia had a drop-down menu revealing the topics that the blog covered including assessment, integrated studies, project-based learning, social and emotional learning, teacher development, technology integration … etc. I found that the technology integration aspect was very interesting due to me not knowing much about technology but also knowing the importance of technology in today’s time and age. 

Isabelle had a great find when choosing this site and I am happy to say that I will be bookmarking it on my computer and using it for years to come. I think that it provides so many important sources and information that will benefit myself, my classroom and any future students.