Basic Chords


EDCI 336

In the video we watched in class, the school’s revolutionary take on education made me think about my future as a teacher and consider how I would like my classroom to look like. I think that the format of the students having freedom to learn what they would like and to have choice in order to take interest in what they are learning is something to strive for. It was great to see children come out of their shells and pursue what they enjoy. Samantha – one of the students in the video – started out as a shy young girl that rarely spoke and found the new and unconventional school system daunting. I could see how many students would find such an open learning system and an education based off of student inquiry very different and perhaps cause some apprehension in the quieter and more teacher-directed learners. Samantha was one of those who made a noticeable change throughout the film, eventually speaking out more in class and becoming more comfortable with the lecture-style (as if in a University Seminar) classroom. We saw a full transformation in the shy Samantha as she becomes a confident director of a high school play of which is presented during the week where the students were to showcase their work. Samantha is a great example of how open discussion between student and teacher and allowing the students to lead their own education can broaden the children’s interests and allow them to follow their passions and make them into a future. It was interesting that the school had such a high university acceptance rate when its essential format is in such starch opposition to that of a regular high school. This goes to show that though new systems of schooling may seem different, innovation is key to further growth and allows us to unveil unknown interests and passions. The student who did not complete their project until the summer is an example of students’ interests in school based off of specified subjects verses that of their own inquiry. Though school was over, the student worked through the summer to complete his project despite being on break. Allowing students some freedom in the classroom will hopefully spark interest in them and have them be invested in their own education.


This week I began working on the basic chords used for most popular songs. I have found that I was able to catch onto most of the beginners chords such as C, A, E, Am, D and Em as they are similar to ukulele chords and only require up to three fingers. Some of the chords that I found to be more difficult were G and F, both of which involve four fingers that are stretched wide across the neck of the guitar. Some of the more simple chords stay along the first three frets of the string and the strings are general only one or two away on a six string guitar. G involves strings one, two, five and six but only uses frets two and three. The F chord involves strings two to five and uses frets one to three; this chord is also more complicated as it requires the player to avoid strumming strings one and six. Avoiding strumming certain strings has been one of the larger challenges throughout this process, meaning that chords E and Em have been the easiest to learn as you strum all six strings when playing them. I am excited to continue working on the chords and hope to become comfortable enough with them that I am able to transition from one to another smoothly. I would love to sing while playing guitar so a key to doing this is having a strong foundation in the roots of playing guitar, my focus will continue on chord transition and then I will add in a basic strumming pattern.


My guitar will be coming this weekend. To prepare for my project, I am looking at beginner websites and books to use to learn to play. I will also be getting help from my friend who has been playing guitar for 15 years. I plan on beginning by learning the strings and chords; after, I will hopefully become fluent in fast changes between chords and learn to finger pick. Once I feel confident with playing I hope to be able to sing as well. I have played ukulele so I hope that my previous knowledge will help me out during this experience