March 21st Notes

                                                            Tech 336 Notes

Group Presentation #1 (Cole, Eric, Kelsey, Marney)

  • Google in the Classroom
    • Strengths
      • Accessibility
        • Accessible anywhere
        • Free for educational institutions
        • Good for ELL communication
      • Communication
        • Share work with family
        • Collaboration
        • Introduces online safety
      • Assessment
        • Peer-assessment through sharing posts
        • Freedom
    • Weaknesses
      • Need parental consent (parents can say no)
      • Work is only saved when online
      • May be used as a distraction or inappropriately
      • If students don’t have access to technology at home it will be harder to use
  • Google Classroom Verses Seesaw
    • Google Classroom
      • Available on any device
      • Convenient for assigning work and marking it
      • Can schedule assignments/quizzes to past at a specific time
    • Seesaw
      • More like a social media app
      • Focus on sharing and creating feedback
      • Not accessible on all devices
      • Allows feedback between parents, teachers, students, peers
      • Costs teachers $120 for the year
  • FreshGrade versus google classroom
    • FreshGrade
      • Good for parents, students and teachers
      • Has google translate (good for ELL)
      • Summative and informative assessment
      • Very good privacy
      • Available on devices
    • Google Classroom
      • Better for older grades
      • Doesn’t work on creating a great portfolio
      • Good for assigning work and marking it
      • Doesn’t share progress as well as FreshGrade
  • Microsoft Word Verses Google Docs
    • Microsoft Word is more popular for creating documents
    • Google Docs formatting is difficult
    • Google Docs is more complicated to use
    • Google Docs is free
    • Microsoft is now subscription based
    • Corporations on google and seeing them in learning spaces
    • Learning space branding
  • Google and Online Leaks
    • Leaks are possible in online platforms
    • Google data leaks
    • Internet giving out information and data
  • Privacy & Security Concerns (CBC)
    • Focusing on privacy over borders is creating a hysteria rhetoric
    • Concerned parents should look at the privacy information on google. The information page is not too long and is easy to read and will help them make their decision as to if they will permit their child to join the online platform
    • Six Things Google Knows About You
      • Location history
      • Youtube History
      • Google Search history

My Reflections

  • Personally, I like Microsoft word far more than Google Docs. I have found that Google Docs formatting is very difficult and is not clear to use. Though collaborative work on Google Docs is helpful, when someone else makes changes it will change the format and will be difficult to change back. I do like that Google Docs saves automatically so you will not lose information, but I have become accustomed to saving my work every five to ten minutes anyway through command-s (save shortcut). Even this post was created on Microsoft Word and then moved to my blog after. I have gotten into the habit of writing on Microsoft and then moving it to the online base that is required for me to hand in the work. There have been arguments that Google Docs is easier to add extensions and additional apps to the work, but I have found in my own experience that on the rare occasion I do need to add extensions, the small amount of extra work (if there is any, I don’t really know) is not that big of a deal. 
  • In my previous experience, I found that Google Suite was difficult to use even for university students and may cause confusion for children as well. We were confused as to how to find and add assignments.
  • I found that the google security information was very interesting. Google is not hiding what you are doing but you have to go to the location (six things that Google knows about you) so you can find out what information google has on you. I looked at my location history and was happy to know that I had turned off location on my phone and computer and had nothing to show. 

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